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Like what you see? If anyone even reads what I write here, I'll be surprised. It's like picking up a magazine or book with a blank wouldn't. So why would the typical buyer/ agent looking online for a home want to see your home that is for sale when there are no pictures? I am not sure if the typical Seller has any idea how the MLS works. The moment your agent pushes the active button you home is listed on the MLS, the next morning at 4am, the MLS sends your home to anyone that has a search set up that matches the criteria of your home. Every morning dozens, if not hundreds maybe even thousands of people are online looking at homes, who is going to want to click on your home if there is not even one picture to show them what it looks like? Likely, not many. The first 30 days of your home being on the market is the most crucial, after those 30 days, the perception is, something is "wrong" with that home. So why would you not start off on the right foot and get the most exposure you can? Yesterday alone, in the German Village Area, 13 homes came onto the market, of those 9 do not have any pictures. 8 out of 13 of these homes are over $150,000. One without pictures is an $800,000 Single Family Home (I somehow doubt this home is not photogenic) !
So, as a Seller, how do you protect your investment when selling with an agent? Ask to see a marketing plan. Any Agent who's knows what they are doing will have a marketing plan/ strategy. Ask to see examples of their work (fliers, etc), look at their website (see if the photos they do have are appealing) and finally ask them how they are going to get your home maximum exposure... hopefully it's more than sticking a sign with an empty flier box on it in your front yard. Ok, I'm done complaining.
William Robbinsrant