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Client Testimonial

"Bill Robbins is not your standard real estate resource – he is extraordinary. I didn’t find him through a recommendation either, because I am new to Columbus. But my first contact with Bill (about a listing of his on the internet) developed quickly into a solid partnership, based on all the things you look for but don’t always find. He quickly grasped what we were looking for (without much explaining on our part), watched our pocketbook (didn’t want us to buy a lovely, but over-improved home), was responsive and worked around our schedule – not his, saw us through the buying process including finding and scheduling workmen for improvements before we moved in, and was always light and easy to be around. Bill’s knowledge of the market is deep, he is highly networked, and he works really hard. And then Bill did what really counts – he found the right home for us, one that wasn’t even on the market at the time. A caution: Bill has a big voice (and I say that with great affection) – he’s just so energetic, he can’t be otherwise! Bill Robbins is the realtor we will go back to – like many of his other clients. And in my mind, that’s the best confirmation you can ask, for how good he is." 

Karen L., Merion Village buyer, March, 2011