Refinishing my hardwood floors

the floors after refinishing and all ready to move back in
One of the big projects in our new home is to have the carpet removed on the 2nd & 3rd floor and the wood floors refinished.  We started with the 3rd floor which was the guest room (and will become the owners bedroom) because it was manageable to remove all of the furniture. Luckily, the wood was in fairly good condition so there were not a lot of repairs that needed to be done.  The whole process took 3 days and moved a lot faster on the 1st day than we had expected (and because they were careful when siding the floors, there was hardly any dust). The following 2 days were just applying coats of the water based finish to protect the floor.  The cost to refinish the 3rd floor and stairs was $1390 (which included removing the carpet and new shoe molding).  We hired Vic's Floors ( to do the work and they will be doing the second floor later this year.  I found Vic through a client a few years ago after listing a home and asking the owners who refinished their floors, He has since been hired by many of my clients from my recommendation and they have all be extremely happy.

Before with carpet
Day 1: Carpet removed
Day 1: Wood sanded
Day 1: Picking a stain
Steps after carpet removed
Steps sanded
Steps after stain
Day 3: Floors After
Day 3: Floors after
Day 4