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Client Testimonial

"Bill Robbins was an exceptional listing agent for the sale of our home. He was professional and courteous, but completely honest with us regarding all of the finer points of selling a home. He was incredibly informative regarding the best ways in which to stage or condominium, and gave recommendations for affordable improvements that could be made to increase the attractive quality of the home. He and his crew also took high quality images of the condo that really showed it in the best light. Bill was always prompt in responding to our questions, and was receptive to any concerns that we had. He was incredibly generous with his time. He fielded text messages, phone calls, and emails, often responding within minutes, even while on vacation. Bill was calm and professional in his dealings with other agents. Selling a home is stressful, and Bill's expertise and knowledge, couple with his work ethic, went a long way toward relieving some of that stress. After all was said and done, it took less than two months from listing to close of our condo. I believe that he has truly mastered his profession. I would not recommend any other agent for the sale of a home." -

Beth & Eric, 2016 Sellers

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