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You live in the City...

If you move own a home, rent an apartment or work in the metro area, you live (or spend a lot of your time) in the city. While most people think that talking about neighborhood crime is a deterrent from having people move into that area, I disagree. As a Realtor, I cannot and will not "steer" anyone into or away from a certain area, however, just like a home inspection, gas line warranty, etc...I do suggest resources that are available for home safety.

Ignorance is not bliss, it's a facilitator for crime. As resident of the Metro Area Community for the past 9 years and member of my local Civic Association, there are several resources that have I have been made aware of that I suggest to all of my clients. Most Metro Area Police Precincts offer what is called a "Security Audit", it is basically a walkthru of you home inside and out and suggestions on what you can do to prevent being a victim of crime. The best part, it is a community service,whic means, it's FREE!

For the German Village Area (the 11th Precinct):
Contact: Officer Brian Smith 645-1411 or

For the Olde Towne East Area (The 12th Precinct):
Contact: Officer Terry Kalous 645-4111 or

The City of Columbus has a website where you can report safety issues, health code violations, etc and track the complaint process at:
William Robbins