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Bring Back The "Murphy Bed"!

In the Columbus Metro Area according to the MLS, there are at least 65 condos under 1000 square feet. The feedback that I get, is that it is not enough space or not enough storage (have you been in the Yukon Building?). I said to one client this weekend that it would be really helpful to have a murphy bed, and in return I received a blank stare. I asked around, and I am surprised how many people do not know what a murphy bed is!

Wikipedia describes the murphy bed as:

"A Murphy Bed is a bed that folds down from a wall. William L. Murphy applied for a patent for this idea April 1st, 1916 and was granted Design Patent D49,273 on June 27, 1916. Murphy started the Murphy Wall Bed Company and began production in San Francisco. In January 1990, the company changed its name to the "Murphy Bed Co. Inc." A Murphy bed is used for space-saving purposes, much like a trundle bed is. These beds make appearances in movies as they lend themselves to slapstick humor in which people are trapped when the bed folds into the upright position, carrying the person on the bed inside. In Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, a hotel's neon sign advertises "Murphy Beds -- Charming to the Unsophisticated". In 1989 an appellate court held that the term "Murphy bed" is no longer entitled to trademark protection because a substantial majority of the public perceive the term as a generic term for a bed that folds into a wall rather than the specific model made by the Murphy Bed Co."

I am thrilled, I actually had a reason to use Wikepedia! They even list retailers that sell Murphy Beds.

I would have to credit HGTV for my reintroduction to murphy beds on a episode of reDesign. This guy had a really small studio and they added a murphy bed with built-in's and an office space...brilliant!

Now when Googling the beds, I must admit..the selection is pretty dismal/ straight up ugly. On, I found what I thought was the best selection of "modern" beds. The bed would have to match the decor after all.

With current trend and Real Estate sales, I am am actually surprised more of the smaller condo units are not thinking of offering them as an upgrade. Who knows, maybe my message will reach the masses and the public will demand the return of the murphy bed?
William Robbins