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What I am working on: January 2007

It has been usually busy for January? I am by no means complaining. I have taken on a few new projects and this week has me full of them.

(Photo: the Beck Street Academy)
This week I attended the Barrett Middle School and Beck Street Academy- Pre- Public Workshop focus group, which is a part of the South Side Plan Amendment (which means nothing to you if you do not live there). As a member of the Schumacher Place Civic Association, this is part of what I selected as my community project. Basically the first meeting was a walkthru of the two schools, Barrett Middle School being closed and Beck Street Academy/ School being used as temporary housing for the Livingston School while their school gets rebuilt. The point of all of this for me, the Beck Street Academy (built in the 1890's) is a landmark in Schumacher Place (right outside German Village) that is not recognized on a Local Historic Register and that is my goal. An interesting process of which I have no clue on how it works, but I am slowly learning. I am sure I will have much more to write on this later.

(Photo: right after the Open House January 21, 2007)

"If you price it right (and it's a cute house), they will come..." The Bungalow, after incredible turnout to two Open House's in amazingly awful weather (pouring rain one weekend, two inches of snow in the morning the next) and multiple offers within the first two weeks is in the early stages of contract. The owners are, ofcourse, thrilled. More on this later...

(Photo: Lil'P)

  • Lil'P, my pug, had, what I have diagnosed as, "the slows" for a few days this week, however she is doing much better.
  • Friends had a little baby girl this week.
  • Albert, the stray hound/ beagle mix that I found at Starbucks in the Fall, had his first Dr's appointment yesterday to get his shots. It looks like Albert is sticking around after all.