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Selling your house? Neutralize!

When preparing to sell your home, expect that you may need to neutralize you home. You may love the color of your walls, furniture, a window coverings, etc, but the point of getting your home ready to sell is that you want to showcase the features of your home and appeal to as many potential home buyers as possible. While the room at the top left may feel warm and pleasing to most people, the room on the right feels more spacious and airy and that's what you are selling, space!
When painting, use high quality paints and finishes. Bold colors/ patterns on window coverings, furniture and rugs should also be removed or slip covered. Uncovered windows add light and show depth beyond the room itself (make sure the windows are clean). When looking for a slip cover, pick a neutral color and try to match your paint to it, this allows for the furniture to blend in and creates the illusion of more space. Repositioning/ angling furniture also can help. Removing extra/ bold patterned rugs on hardwood floors to showcase the wood and visually makes a room feel bigger.

If you are selling a home that is missing a feature, such as a defined dining space, reposition a living space to allow for a table and chairs to show versatility. Loft like living is "in", make the most of it. You may not live this way, but if you sell quickly (and that is the point of all of this), you will not have to put up with it very long.

If you are confused about any of these things, any "good" Real Estate Agent should be well versed in staging a home for sale.