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What I am working on...

It has been a crazy past two months. There has been a lot of activity and if a "good" house comes along at a good price and buyers can find it easily (good marketing) will sell.

34 W Kossuth Street - Sold in 38 days.

130 E Kossuth Street - Sold in 14 days.

443 E Kossuth Street - Sold in 41 days.

444 Stanley Avenue - Sold in 26 days (multiple offers).

487 Stanley Avenue - Sold before it came onto the market.

for a complete rundown on what my clients are buying and selling, click here.

At my own home, this summer is the time home improvements are being done. I am a firm believer that you need to be able to enjoy your home and any updates you might do, while you live in the home. On the left, is my backyard before and on the right, is my backyard currently. At first, I just wanted the old chain link replaced with privacy fence, but somehow brick pavers fell into place and next the remainder of the chain link in front will be replaced with ironwork. It seemed to make more sense to remove the old gravel parking space I never used and also have it pavered in brick. It now extends the outdoor living space, but a wide gate will allow future homeowners the option to park there.

There's more, but I will save that for another post.

William Robbins