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Carlyles Watch Auction UPDATE

The much talked about Carlyles Watch Auction took place this past weekend. Reports are that:
"Gasps were heard throughout the room as units sold at such low sums" source.

Reported prices are:
Penthouse unit: Original $770,000 2 + den/ 2bth 2286 sqft - sold for $410,000*

Other units:
702: original $450,000 2br/2bth 1475sqft - sold for $290,000*
202: original $450,000 2br/2 bth 1475 sqft - sold for $218,000*
403: original $250,000 1br/1bth 811 sqft - sold for $156,500*
705: original $360,000 2br/2bth 1185 sqft - sold for $220,000*

Reportedly, the last 12 units or so on the board were offered at a bid of $133,000 (all contingent on seller approval). About 6 people raised their hands.

*every unit was sold with the 7.5% additional premium

Worth noting are the original sold prices before the auction (pictured on the left, click to enlarge).

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Please note: I did not attend the auction, this information is from several different sources online. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

UPDATED: Read the Columbus Dispatch article on the Auction here and 10TV's video here.