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What I am working on...

I was watching tv and ran across a home show that had a house with a stairway with black railing with white moldings and I thought it looked sharp. Paint is an easy way to update your home so, I have been working on what has turned out to be a time consuming project, which is painting my staircase. (See the evolution of the project above) After the railing was covered with it's first coat of black, I realized I no longer liked the red, so I'll give credit where credit is due and mention that my Dad painted the wall. Where I have run into what seems to be taking forever is painting the spindles on the railing (4 coats of paint to be exact). This is the first time I have used Sherwin Williams' Low Voc and no Voc paints and I am happy with the results and the lack of the paint smell.

Barb, a buyer I was working with, just closed on this home (left) in Merion Village. What is funny about the situation is that the home is exactly what Barb did not want. The home had no garage or even an option for it (which is not unusual for the area) and a garage was an absolute for her. I mistakenly added it to our showing list and she fell in love with immediately and go figure... bought it. It goes to show, you never know what you will find when you open your mind to possibilities.

The exterior rendering of Kossuth Green had it's debut at the July Schumacher Place meeting. There will be some slight adjustments made and the project will be presented at the September 2008 Schumacher Place meeting for variances. I have seen floor plans for the two townhomes and they are very appealing. Tim Welsh, the architect/ developer discussed the possibility of Kossuth Green seeking a LEED Gold Certifictation. More details to come.
William Robbins