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Panoramic iPhone pics

You've got to love technology. Before taking off on a trip last weekend to Chicago, I searched the iPhone Apps store for applications that might be fun to play around with on my trip. This is where I came across a few panoramic applications and after playing around with a few, I chose Pano as the one to use. With Pano, you take a horizontal photo with your iPhone and then once you accept the photo, it creates a shadow of the image for you to align the next image in your series of shots to create a panoramic image. The best part is that allows room for error and the technology will most of the time correct any out of alignment to create a seamless panoramic image. Although it is not the same high quality image that you would get from a digital camera, it serves the purpose well of capturing a moment of time where it is not always practical to have a digital camera with you and share online on a blog or website.

In the past week, I have also started using this app for Real Estate. Below is one of the photos I have recently published on the Terraces on Walhalla Blog of the construction progress (see the series of photos here).

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