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Ideas For Finding Home Inspiration

(Top row: Photos found on of a European Apothecary served as an
inspiration when it came time to selecting colors for my staircase picture on the bottom row.

When coming across articles, items or photos on one of the many websites I read, that I am drawn to but do not have an immediate use for them, I've always had a problem finding them again ... so, recently, I started saving them to a file on my computer just in case. I also find myself, taking photos with my phone of good ideas or things I like when I see them in case I may have a need for them again. When choosing new paint colors or when creating a concept for our new office, a lot of them have become useful and was helpful in conveying an idea or a concept to another person.
Today, while walking through a new listing and giving feedback about changes they may want to make before putting their home on the market, I suggested they search "painted kitchen cabinets" on Flickr and look for colors people had painted their cabinets and look for combinations that may work for them. Since Flickr is used by every day people and professional designers, it enables you to get a wide variety of results in your searches.

(above: a screen capture of Flickr )

So, next time your flipping thru a magazine or browsing online and you come across a photo, item or idea, save it, you might be able to use it later for inspiration. The next time you need inspiration, go's readily available and it's free!

William Robbins