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BLOG Updates iPhone App

I've been a huge fan of the App for iPhone since it was released, in my opinion it is one of the best if not the best Real Estate App. I've already mentioned on my blog before, it really the only app where you can find all of the local open houses from all Brokerages. As shown above the app also works with the iPad as well. Within the last few weeks, they've added several new features...

  • Area Highlighter — Put the fun back in search! Use your finger to draw a search area right on the map
  • New Search Features — More Lot, Property and Community features to refine your search
  • Area Scout - A fun new way to find listings ans learn about areas while you're on the move! Grab a co-pilot and get started scouting!
  • Open House Calendar Integration — Add open house details to your calendar to remind you as the event draws near
  • Share Listings by SMS — Text the home of your dreams to your family and friends without leaving the app
  • iOS 4.0 Ready — Tested and optimized for the latest iOS4 features like multi-tasking
  • Information you can trust - because it's the official listing site of the National Association of REALTORS®
If you have an iPhone or iPad, definitely check it out, it's free...

William Robbins