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Another reason to not like Trulia...

One of our listings with another Agents info advertised to "Contact Me About This Listing"

Trulia's technical support just called me about a problem I called about last week "to check in on me", then asked me if I had thought about advertising...I said, we will never advertise on a site that sells ads next to our listings falsely representing other agents as the listing agent for the property (see photo) and hides our information at the bottom of the page. I said that it's misrepresenting the property. Then he said if we feature our listings they will show up higher in the search, and I said that's not right either and that they are misrepresenting properties, listing should show up in order by price or by location not based on paid averting to get a higher ranking. I told him that if I had a choice, we would not feed our listings to Trulia or Zillow but since people use them, we claim our listings and maintain them to make sure our clients properties are represented the same on all sites.

The moral of the story is, people, I beg you, just use, it updates every 15 minutes from the source of all listings the MLS. Trulia and Zillow's feeds are days behind and can be inaccurate information because the do not feed from the MLS. Agents, stop supporting these websites by buying ads and paying for services, your not getting ahead... your setting all of us back and it's misleading.
William Robbins