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Getting 3 Fireplaces Up and Running

One of the now working fireplaces, this one with the new ventless gas logs
Last December, one of the things we wanted to have done is getting the fireplaces working. The 2 fireplaces on the first floor had not been used by the previous owner and both had pretty large vented gas logs in them.  We called 2 different companies for estimates, the first company did not even want to touch the third floor fireplace and recommended that it be removed/ replaced and then never followed up with our estimate for the first floor fireplaces. The second company, Specialty Gas House, came out to look at the third floor fireplace for a second opinion, cleaned and serviced the direct vent fireplace for $102.13 and we were able to use it right away.

3rd floor direct vent fireplace
We wanted to actually use the living room fireplace for heat, so we were advised to use ventless gas logs.  Since the firebox is smaller, we were limited to gas logs that were available to us and there was a possibility a new gas line would nee to be run.  The estimate for the front room fireplace was $1119.08 ($186.30 for the gas logs, $479.70 for the burner, $$375 for the full gas line up to 25').  A few weeks later they arrived to install the gas log set, it was determined that we did not need a new gas line which brought the new total to just around $900. During the install of the front fireplace logs, they checked the gas line to the dining room fireplace, which was fine and we are able to use it as is.

From the listing photos, two of the home fireplaces that had vented gas logs that had not been used for years

In the showroom of Specialty Gas House, I was able to see the exact gas log set we would have installed.