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Ikea/ Sonos SYMFONISK WiFi Speakers


Music is a big part of the way I live and how I like to present a home. I always try to have music playing at an Open House or showing… you want to try to create an environment when people visit a home that they feel comfortable having a conversation and without feeling like someone is listening to every word they are syaing. Setting up a home for a showing should be like you are having friends over for dinner or drinks… music should be on, candles should be lit and lights should be dimmed appropriately for the time of day. I am always thrilled to find out if my clients have a Sonos system because it is the easiest system to work with and I personally own them…no, seriously, like in every room in my house. So, when Ikea announced they were doing a collaboration with Sonos, I was obviously curious. Ikea’s goal is “ for our collective work to save space, get rid of cords, make clutter invisible, and bring sound and music into the home in a more beautiful way.” Yesterday, was the big release day… and because gone is the thrill of record release day or anything release day for that matter, since you can just immediately download or have anything delivered to your front door within hours, I decided to take part in the long gone small pleasures in life and actually go to the store on release day and check them out.

The table lamp version is interesting, but it’s very specific style wise, so I was more interested in the bookshelf speaker. The bookshelf speaker can stand or lay down on any surface (like a regular Sonos speaker or it can be mounted to a wall (mount available separately) and be used as a “wall shelf”. The bookshelf speaker was taller than I expected (it’s a foot tall) and it’s somewhat heavy, but I really like the fabric on the front and I can imagine it looking fine with several different style of homes. It’s hard to get an idea of how well they sound in the store because they are not “Trueplay tuned” but they did sound pretty great. When I arrived home I unpacked two of the bookshelf speakers and added them to my Sonos system just like any other Sonos speaker, paired them and then Trueplay Tuned them in a Guest Bedroom. The sound is great, better than expected and similar to the Play:1 which is $49 more. I am no audiophile, but I know the sound of a good speaker and I am happy with the SYMFONISK.

In the end, I am very happy with the purchase, the speaker is a great introduction to a new Sonos user and a great add on piece for an existing user where maybe you do not want to invest as much money in speakers for a child’s room or guest bedroom, but want sound throughout the house. The speakers would also be a GREAT investment for an AirBnb owner, my guest loved the Sonos system when I owned the Guest House. Who knows, maybe I buy a few more and start bringing them to Open Houses.